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Own solar panels

Become a part-owner of solar panels

Produce green hydrogen

Solar energy is used to produce green hydrogen

Saving on Bills

Profit from co-ownership and save on bills.

Ready to start saving and investing in a sustainable future?

Join the WattUp community today and take the first step towards a brighter future. Submit your request to become a participant in the WattUp project and start seeing savings from day one.

How it works:

Become a part-owner of solar panels located in sunny regions of the US or the EU without the hassle of installation and maintenance.

We use solar energy to produce green hydrogen using our own solar stations and electrolyzers, ensuring 100% renewable energy.

We sell the green hydrogen to end-customers, providing them access to clean, sustainable energy while you receive a share of the profits.

We distribute profits among subscribers for capacity, helping you offset your utility bills or use the money at your discretion.

Co-owning solar panels and receiving a share of the profits means you can save on your utility bills without changing your daily routine.

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Savings on utility bills.


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The amount of CO2 in our energy

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